After months of planning a wedding, choosing the best photographer, looking for the breathtaking dress and rings, preparing the perfect menu for a banquet, a wedding photo book design should be approached with the same thoroughness. Wedding albums should be unique and personal, and be a reflection of the inner world of the newlyweds. When making a wedding album you can use the following ideas:

photo book sample

10 Ideas for the Wedding Photobook.

1. Photos can be arranged in chronological order: The bride getting her hair and makeup done, the line up of the bridesmaids, the nervous moments being shared between the groom and groomsmen, the wedding and reception.

bride dressing

2. Specific pages for specific people: bride, groom, guests, bridesmaids, groomsmen, dance of the newlyweds and of course the parents.

wedding cake

3. With the wedding photos you can also incorporate the first photo the two of you took together, photos from your dates and photos from the day he proposed just to add a little bit of your relationship history into the album.

4. Elements of the wedding including things such as close-ups of the brides bouquet, her jewellery, dress or photos of the vacant venue.


5. You can also scan the wishes of guests donated cards.

6. In the album you can also add love quotes or your first dance song's lyrics.

wedding text

7. Maybe you have a literary talent and therefore you may like to describe what you felt that day and how you felt it went.

wedding photo

8. Include in the album not only professional photos but you can even put some photos that your guests had taken into the photo album.

wedding dance

9. The last few pages of the album could be left blank for the wishes of the guests and anyone who may wish to congratulate you.

10. The album can be styled in many ways and is only limited by your imagination but we will gladly assist you in any way possible.

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