There is no secret that each of us brings home hundreds of photos from holidays or travel, we want to take home with us photos of beautiful landscapes, architecture, people and emotions. These photos often stay hidden in a file on your computer named "France 2012", now imagine what happens when you have friends come over and they ask how your holiday was and you have to flick through files on your computer to show them the photos you had taken.

We will take these photobooks and create your unique travel album, because everyone deserves a memorable vacation in a luxurious design photobook.

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Here is some ideas for unique tourism experiences

1.  When travelling there are many different ways that you can create some interesting photos, a popular method of this is commonly known as "Spy tourism". This is when someone who is travelling with you takes photos of you as if you didn't know they were there, it can make for some outstanding photos with raw emotion captured and the long distance shots can create some amazing silhouettes over the landscape.

2.  Another tourism type that can make for amazing photos is known as "side-tourism". This method is where the traveller avoids popular tourist routes and destinations to take photos of shady streets and abandoned towns.

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3.  An interesting trend was the "Gila tourism", or travel to the Aborigines. This means leaving civilization and going to visit one of the friendly-minded tribes. Travellers are not afraid of "latte" from buffalo milk or theft of compacted manure, the main thing - the experience!

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4. Tourism associated with the subjects of popular films and books is gaining momentum. For example, in New York you can follow in the footsteps of your favourite heroines of "Sex and the City," in Paris are eagerly waiting in the cafe "Two mills", where "working" Amelie Pullen, and New Zealand do not stop coming Tolkien fans to visit the filming locations of "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit."

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5. Another form of tourism that will not only give you some great photos but also something to write about is "New Age Tourism". This is where tourists go to temples and monasteries, where they lodge in the modest "cells" fed vegetarian food and spiritual food and stick to a wise old man who teaches life and restores energy "chi".

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6.  And finally, home tourism. If you do not get to leave the city, and you want to relax, you can always stay in a comfortable hotel and wander through the familiar sights, appreciating them as a tourist from out of town. You'd be surprised how many wonderful discoveries will present hometown. Yes, and for guests the next time the program for nontrivial rest will be ready.

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