If you want to make a quality dream album that you will be happy to look at each day, do it as a photo book. In this album you can place all of yours most cherished goals and dreams in the form of beautiful turns with different effects. This dream album will become a powerful magnet that will help you to translate all your ideas into reality! When making kids photo album you can use following ideas:

photo book sample

10 design ideas for kids photo book

1.  Alphabet of childhood

Every child is unique, they each have their favourite toys or places, so why not write all these things in alphabetical order? Create a photo book that would tell a unique story in alphabetical order. Start with adventures of your children on the first page, and finish a book depicting your family trip to the zoo.

Alphabet of kids

2.  Interactive photobooks

There is no secret that children themselves are very creative. Let them contribute to the photo book by leaving several pages or sections of pages empty in order to enable them to write or draw there. You can also give them a task, for example: "Draw your dog here". This would make a photo book even more unique and personal. This photo book can also be a great gift for dad or mom, especially if presented as a surprise. On one side of a page you could place a beautiful photograph of parents, and the other side leave some space to add some questions to the children to answer them. For example: "Why dad loves mom?" You will like when you see what could be their honest and cute answers to these question.

3.  Photobook with child creation

Finally, in the photo book you can post pictures of your baby! Always fun to see how children see the world, so scan the children's artwork and put them in a photo book layout. You can also easily add a variety of signature, such as a name or date of creating piece of art. For variety, add a few pictures of your child at the time of drawing - in the end, it is important to capture creative moment of artist who created these masterpieces.

Photobook with child creation

4.  Annual photobook

It can be pretty hard to put a lot of wonderful moments of childhood in only one album. But instead of struggling to choose the best shots, making a yearly photo album means you can put all the photos you want in the photobook. You can start to collect such photobooks on your shelf, over the years accumulating a whole story.

5.  Instagram collages

With Camera phones being a part of everyone's life taking photos of your children on your phone is inevitable. Over time many have accumulated a gallery of shots of our lives. If you have photos of your children stored there, then we can create a beautiful collage of smaller photos in the style of Instagram or Pinterest or even Tumblr. Send us as many pictures as you deem necessary, and we will create for you a unique photo book.

 Annual photobook

6.  Family book of recipes

Let your children help in the kitchen - this means later to find spilled milk and flour anywhere, but it is also a great experience for everyone. And why buy a book with recipes of celebrities, when you can create your own? Photograph these moments and illustrate your recipes in the photo book. Do not forget to take a few pages grandmother - in the end, her cakes have kept a full and happy family for years to come!

Family book of recipes

7.  Photobook of Moods

You can create gorgeous photo book that depicts different emotions of your child. Take it with something, prompting them to express so much emotion as he can do and make a lot of photos!

Photobook mood

8.  Photobook "When I was born"

When children learn that soon they will have a brother or sister, most of them do not know what to expect. What it means to be the oldest child in the family? Help them understand it and express their unconditional love for the brother or sister through the photo book "When I was born." Tell them the story of their birth, and even the first moments of their weight and height. Show how much they were loved and cherished, when they came into this world

9. Photobook for girls

Capturing the girls in different outfits is a great way to create fun and memorable images and keep priceless memories afloat for both the child and their grandparents. Photobook for girls will delight the little lady and her friends in the future years to come.

Photobook for girls

10. Photobook for boys

Create a themed photobook for a young man filled with reflective elements of his favourite sport, toys and other interests. Create an 'encyclopaedia' of funny pictures, facts and all the other priceless moments created by your child.

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