A family photobook is a great way to store all old and new photos of some memorable moment. They can also be used to show your family history and to teach the little ones about their roots.

There are many ideas of creative and innovative ways to spice up a family photobook such as:

  • Adding a theme to the entire photobook or maybe just specific pages.
  • Using filters on the photos such as Black and white or Sepia.
  • Including backgrounds, frames and stickers.
  • Putting it in Chronological order as if it were a timeline.
  • Using popular social media layouts such as Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest.
  • Dedicating pages to your furry friends
  • 10/25/50/100 reasons why I love you.

photo book sample

Design ideas for family photo book

1.  Retro photobook

What can be more beautiful than capturing the fragile photos of your ancestors? Create a retro photobook to create a historical theme of treasured moments for you and your children to enjoy and pass along the generations to come.

Retro photobook

2.  Hronological photobook

Create a breathtaking photobook for your parent’s life/love story. Create it in a chronological order of their favourite life events. Imagine their surprise and delight of such a memorable gift.

Hronological photobook

3.  Funky photobooks

Using your photos we can create a cheerful, bright pages with jokes and funny stories, with a beautiful backgrounds, frames and details of scrapbooking technique.

Funky photobooks

4.  Annual photobook

Having trouble of fitting all of your life events in one album? No trouble! Create a different photobook each year and capture priceless moments in chronological or seasonal order. You can start to collect such photobooks on your shelf, to accumulate a whole life story over the past years.

5.  Instagram collages

You like to shoot on the phone?. We can create a beautiful collage of smaller photos in the style of Instagram. Send us as many pictures as you wish and we will create a unique photo book.

Annual photobook

6.  Family book of recipes

Lenochka I yge eto perevodila and ecli checno eto becmicleni paragraph tak kak on nam nichego ne govorit. Also everyone has different life stories and what you have describes in this paragraph might not suit many people. So I would just leave it out.

Family book of recipes

7.  Photobook games with your pet

Treat your pet as part of your family by creating a personalised photobook for that ferry ball of love. Capture their development and growth, their emotions and other events. What can be better then to sit down and recall al those joyful times in the future.

And do not forget about the cat.

games with your pet

8.  Photobook "Reasons why I love you"

A very nice idea to surprise your loved ones with 10 - 25 - 50 - 100 reasons "why I love you." Imagine a pages with pictures, your text, designed by our designers in a unique style. Wonderful, completely individual and personal gift for your loved one. Photobook, each page of which will be a revelation, a joy and a delight for the recipient. Such photobook you can present on Valentine's Day, on the anniversary of the wedding, on the anniversary of your acquaintance, Birthday, Mother's or Father's Day. To make such for a best friend, husband, aunt ...

Give your loved ones a good mood, love, care! Perfect presentation of these feelings will be "100 reasons why I love you"

For husband

for husband

For best friend

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