If you're anything like me, most of your favourite recipes are hastily written in old notebooks or on a piece of paper being used as bookmarks in thick cookbooks. We have a great idea to allow you to neatly and nicely keep your recipes together. To create your Recipe photobook you don't have to be a cuisine guru, it just requires your favourite recipes and some delicious photos of some of the dishes you've made. With generous amounts of photos and recipes you will create a recipe photobook that's better than any cookbooks you can find in bookstores!

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8 ideas for cook book

1. Family specialities

It's no secret that every family has its own culinary masterpieces that's been passed down and kept close to the heart. Sometimes its grandmother's cheesecake or dads' steak seasoning or maybe it's your sisters' cupcake recipe. Ask your family members to share their best recipes and photograph the process of them making them. This could also be made into a fun day so everyone can be a part and make their favourite dishes. This is the best illustration of the idea that "family tradition is handed down from generation to generation".

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2. Corporate recipe book

You know the thing about good food? It brings people together from all walks of life. So why not share your favourite recipes with your friends, family and colleagues. You can even leave space so they can write comments about each recipe they try and how they may have done it a little different.

3. Interactive recipe photobooks

If you want to create an interactive cookbook, which will be even more original, leave a blank space on the pages, so your friends can leave valuable comments. Let them tell briefly about where they learned how to cook this dish, or why did you choose this recipe. The main thing - to leave space for creativity.

Interactive recipe photobooks

4. Holiday recipe photobook

If you badly turns to invent original gifts, can easily breathe, to feel like a mountain falls off the shoulders, and to listen to our advice. Create a photo book with your favorite Christmas recipes, nice pack and put it under the Christmas tree. To the gift you can add ingredients that go into the recipe, such as cinnamon sticks or spice cookie. If your partner loves to cook, give him/her a personal photo book of delicious recipes. Or - even better - cook her/him a romantic dinner of those recipes that you have selected for photobook!

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5. Story of one recipe

A photobook can also be dedicated to one recipe. To do this the entire preparation has to be captured even the unsuccessful attempts can be put in. step by step instructions can be put next to each photo. This could also be used to commemorate a special family recipe by having old photos of the older generations cooking the recipe and even their hand written recipe can be included and how each generation has put their own spin on it.

Story of one recipe

6. International recipes photobook

These days we have become much more open to the cuisines of other countries. Most of us have a favorite Western or Asian dishes. You may like to try the local cuisine when traveling or do like to experiment. Whatever it was, pages of your photobook you can devote local or national cuisine. And if you have friends from abroad, introduce them to the local cuisine using photobooks. Choose the most popular or the most authentic recipes of local cuisine, call friends for help and start cooking.

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7. New life of old recipes

It is not necessary to reprint all the old recipes. Find old culinary records and using camera or smartphone move them to the computer. Notes made by hand, become an original design element of the photobook. We will design a photos on pages in sepia or black-and-white style, as well as imitation of yellowed paper - it would seem that the recipes in the photo book kept for many years.

New life of old recipes

8. Photo books goodies from "Instagram"

If you frequently use social networks, you may have noticed that people like to photograph the food before consumption. And maybe you are one of these people? Then we offer you to create a photo book of photos published in "Instagram". Want to remember how you cooked cupcakes with friends for a long time? Or may be you learned how to cook stew of chicken, which you were eating and photographing in a cozy cafe last summer? You just collect them and send us with your wishes. We will try to surprise you.

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