Calendars in different formats - it's probably one of the most popular types to organize images. Most people just loves and appreciates calendars.

The reason is easy to identify: the calendar carries not only a picture of your child, but also information that is important and useful for everyone. It helps to plan for the many days ahead.

Size a little bigger of business card. Usually size is 7 to 10 inches, although they certainly could be both less and more. The advantages of these calendars primarily by their small size.

Photo on calendar cards may be different studio photo or a photo captured on the phone - a lot of variants.

Wall calendars could be of any size - from A4 to A1. These calendars usually either firmly attached to the wall or other surface, or hang loosely. The picture on each page will delight you for a month or a year. Obviously, the calendar table never occupies the entire space of the sheet. Necessarily remain free space, which must be reasonably dispose - you can write a wish for a month for a family highlight momentous date, insert favorite recipes. It all depends on your imagination, we will try to implement.

Do not forget that the calendar is in its very essence is to look at it every day. Hence, the one for whom you are making this gift will remember you all year.