Baby photobooks are a great way for parents and grandparent to keep childhood memories. Nothing brings back fond memories like revisiting the photobooks in years to come. It is a great idea to capture the transient years of childhood in a manner that is meaningful and can be cherished forever.

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15 Inspiring Design Ideas

The first year of a baby's life is very eventful, each month the baby develops skills and makes new discoveries.

1. A photo of mummy's tummy to kick off the photo album. Ultrasound photos can also be included in the initial pages.

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2. Photos from the hospital and the hospital discharge. You can also scan some things from the hospital such as birth tags, the birth certificate and maybe even a short description of the day your beautiful baby was born.

3. Choosing a name. You can make a page on why you chose the name you chose for the baby and what it means.

4. You can create a family tree with pictured of relatives.

5. The art of creation. You could place the photo of both parents on this page and a photo of the baby and describe what features came from who.

6. Zodiac symbol. This page can include the baby's' Zodiac symbol and the meaning of this symbol. It could also include the birth stone and star sign.

7. Mini Birthdays. Every month parents can celebrate mini birthdays. You can dedicate one day a month to this photo-shoot where you can dress the baby up in elegant clothing or with new toys.

Alex first month

8. Size comparison. You could photo baby with the same toy every month as a scale of growth and arrange them in a line for one year.

9. Stepping stones. Each new achievement of the baby can be placed on this page with relevant photos such as: first smile, first laugh, first steps and first tooth.

baby with tees

10. Baby travel. Pictures taken on outings can be placed on this page and maybe if you have revisited places you went before the baby was born you can put the two photos together.

11. Happy times. It's nice to remember things such as a favourite lullaby or story from when they are little, these can all be written down.

baby with mouse

12. Signed with love. Ink stampings of baby's hands and feet can be put in here too.

13. Favourite toys. You can take pictures of your baby's favourite toys and describe them like who gave them the toy and when they got given the toy.

baby with bear

14. Weighing up. Weight and height charts are a great way to keep track of the changes that happen as baby begins to develop.

15. Photo-shoots of the first Birthday.

We can come up with many more interesting ideas and I would be happy to assist you in implementing these ideas in the photobook of your baby.

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